Health & Beauty

It is possible to go on holidays and save money!
Take advantage of quality treatments at minimal prices: go to the dentist, get those new glasses you want, get laser surgery for vision.
In terms of cosmetics, benefit from guarantied specialist to get a new haircut, or all those beauty treatments that you just love (waxing, massages, mani-pedis, etc). Modern clinics welcome new clients from all over Europe. You will benefit from the best doctors and the warmest welcome to perfect your figure or some aspects of yours face: redraw a shape, get rid of a couple of wrinkles, hide some traits that you deem too visible, erase pigmentation stains, etc. Find micro-surgery and surgery at prices that defy all competition.
Costs are 40% to 70% cheaper than in Switzerland, guarantied.

Here are some examples of the vast array of welcoming places dedicated to your well-being.


These thermal baths are situated on the river banks of the the Drina, at the foot of the Gucevo moutain, situated 6 km outside of the town of Loznica. Banja Koviljaca is also called the King's thermal baths because the Serbian King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic built its "kur-salon" surrounded by 40 hectares of forest. The baths have been renowned since the Roman and Ottoman eras, for their very beneficial water. There are also therapeutic mud baths available, for pains due to rheumatism, for rehabilitation of broken bones and back aches, sciatic pains or even gynecological illnesses.

A moderna Spa offers massages ( physio, relax or figure). To enjoy these massages, saunas or different pools, there are combined offers at very low prices from about 30€/half-day or 50€/day for two people. The accommodation options range from hotels to bed and breakfasts on location, around 20-30€ per night, at times less, with a specialty breakfast included.


The touristy town of Vrnjacka Banja is home to thermal baths situated 200km south of Belgrade. The town is located between Mount Goc (1542 m) and the Morave plains. The rives of Vranja and Lipovac traverse the town. It hosts seven distinct mineral water sources. The baths are in beautiful villages surrounded by a shaded park. This thermal station specializes in treatments of infectious diseases and troubled digestive systems, such as kidneys, urinary pathways and livers.

Most of the springs were already known and used during the Roman era. However, the creation of the actual touristic town dates back to the XIXth Century and offers several comfortable hotels. In summer, the town is home to several concerts and important literary festivals. It is also infamously known as the place to cross the Lover's Bridge.


Stmedica is a private clinic established in 1995 in Belgrade. With its modern and specialized equipment, it holds all the characteristics of any modern hospital. It practices general surgery, anesthesia, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, as well as plastic surgery. On site, you will be greeted by a diagnostic team and a follow up consult, as well as, if needed, a precision surgeon.

These last few years, the clinic has developed tremendously in beauty treatments such as mesotherapy, botox, laser removals (tattoo removal, capillary veins removal, hair removal), anti-ageing treatments, detox therapy and ultrasounds. Various specialists will be at your disposition, as for example, Dr. Dragan Milivojevic, one of the most renowned plastic surgeons. Your first visit and estimations are free of charge, and further payments can be made by ways of credit and debit cards. The clinic offers quality guarantied services at non-comparable prices.

Opticen Janko Loznica

Serbia is also know for the quality of its ophthalmologists, as impersonated by Dr. Dusan Petrovic of Geneva, known for its operations on cataracts or presbyopia, etc. In stores, opticians are also equipped with top of the line technology and it is possible to have eye exams on the spot, as well as get news glasses or contact lenses custom made, fast and cheaply. Prices vary between 100 to 200€.

Salon Jasna Loznica

In beauty salons, you will be greeted by welcoming staff and provided services such as: manicures, pedicures, diverse face care, waxing, permanent make up, tanning booths and relaxing massages. The prices are highly attractive, as a simple mani or pedi with varnish costs around 10€. Gel or shelac manicures are around 15€ and massages of an hour cost only 15€.


If you wish to get a new look, get your cut freshened up, layers or bangs, or even change your hair colour, cuts, highlights and brushings cost around 20-30€. Generally, hair treatments are included in the price, and most often you will be received immediately, with no appointment needed.

As a country of culture, Serbia is known for its music, excellent university faculties of philosophy, architecture and so on.
One forgets too often that it also owns very high tech scientific universities, specializing in science and medicine, which produce extremely qualified specialists in biology, chemistry, dentistry, engineering and doctors.