Belgrade Nightlife

Belgrade - the city of culture, rich with inspiration, the city for sports and relaxation, the home to a number of quality events and festivals, as well as the city of great fun and nightlife. It is a city with a unique soul, which embraces a multitude of differences and inheritance of culture and spirituality. It owns an authentic atmosphere in its true sense, and is well known for its hospitality. Wherever the guests choose to stay, they feel at home - comfortable, relaxed and in good spirits. A stay in Belgrade is always pleasant, and everyone wishes to come back some time.
The beauty of Belgrade is in the smiles of people, their warmth and sincerity, held out hand and spontaneity.The streets, squares, historical sites and museums are sights to be seen, walking or biking for example.
In the many market places and animated streets, one can find anything they are looking for, and might not have even known. Shop from the cheapest of wardrobes to the most exclusive brands of clothing.Those who like to lounge will enjoy the fortresses of Kalemegdan, the historical heart of the city with the beautiful view of the river of Sava and Danube, as well as numerous parks and small squares surrounding the city terraces.
Skadarlija, an authentic bohemian quarter known for its traditional old town music and many restaurants.You can rest and enjoy coffee in Ada Ciganlija, known as one of the most beautiful city islands.For example, on the Sava river bank, you can visit the first "floating bars", called Splav. A renowned example is the celebrated "Black Panters" splav. On the Danube, contrastingly, modern new splavs are emerging as the places to be for late night dancing. After staying in Belgrade, you will realize that you now have a special bond with it.

Let's start exploring some of the 1200+ traditional restaurants serving local cuisine and wines.
Every meal starts and finishes with Sljivovica (a traditional plum based moonshine), which is cheered to with a "Ziveli" -- literally "to life!".


In a pedestrian zone that brings us back to the XIXth Century, many restaurants and orchestras are to be found. The live music accompanies the traditional cuisine, where the Gypsy and Serbian musicians bring you into the true bohemian world.
Among those famous places, it is important to sort out the very best ones likes Tri Sesira, Dva Jelena, Sesir Moj, etc. In addition, local artisan stands and art galleries are part of the attraction to this neighbourhood.


In the area of the park Kalemegdan, there is a terrace called "Kalemegdanska terasa", right on the top of the rampart and fortress, with the beautiful view of the city, the river of Danube and Sava..


In the city centre, near the Parliament, this top of the range restaurant offers impeccable service and comfort.


On the Danube river bank, a little fisherman neighbourhood called Zemun is the home to the restaurant Saran, which offers extraordinary fish specialities from the Danube itself, as well as other sea food and various home made desserts.


At the very heart and center of Belgrade is very famous restaurant "Hunter", a great place for lovers of wildlife, national cuisine and specialties from the grill. Restaurant was opened in 1963. years and over the decades, has become a favorite meeting place of actors, writers, old Belgrade artists and bohemians.

All these restaurants have live music and non-stop service from noon till midnight. Meals are exceptional, for their quality and prices! There are also numerous international restaurants to discover.


A restaurant placed on the left side of Danube, offers different groups and styles every evening.


A restaurant placed on the right side of Danube, music pop and folk from ex-Yugoslavia.


A splav called "Destiny". As its name suggests, in this restaurant, only the captain, and his live music band, decides where you night is going to go, as they make you travel through the night with their music.


On the Sava, this most ancient splav, named after its owner, offers pop-rock and gypsy music. It has an incredible atmosphere and its specialty fish soup, called Corba, to be eaten in the morning, that is if Tosa is in a good mood.


Black Panters- at the Ada Ciganlija on the Sava river, this famous raft- Splav- is a gypsy paradise that never closes and vibrates on the sounds of the band it was named after.


Near the afore-mentioned fisherman area, this restaurant offers a different band every night, playing international and Balkan music, and incredible fish delicacies.


Talas wine bar and restaurant at the edge of the beautiful Zemun. Admirer Danub a layer of sun and very often until it began to dawn to the sound of violins, guitars...
Menu of land and water, with the best wines from Serbia and the world. Very friendly staff, and an excellent chief-sommelier! 7 nights out of 7!


On the right side of Sava, there is a place where the orchestra changes every evening, offers a pop-rock international style music. Here we eat and dance in a "Belgrade way".


In the hear to the city, this place offers tapas and live music four nights a week.


Between the Sava and the fortress, this place offers a multitude of clubs, where one can dance the night away to the rhythms of house, techno, electro and RnB DJs every night.

There are hundreds of places where to spend nights full of music and Slavic dreams, for any taste, at incomparable prices.
Drinks average at about 5€ and meals from 10€.