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Enjoy the festival in Belgrade, top destinations in Europe. The city has countless clubs and Coffee House . From jazzi to ` Gypsy most frenzied atmosphere in the heart of a vibrant nightlife .

First day: Your personal driver will take you to your hotel, hostel or apartment in the city center or on the Danube shores, starting 30 chf. Lunch at the restaurant, with a magnificent vue of the Danube, for about 30 chf. In the evening, you will have a lighter dinner at the Cantina de Frida, along the Sava river, with a big band covering Slavic and international music. You will eat, drink and dance for about 70chf.

Second day: Departure for the largest Brass Band Festival in the world. A crazy setting, picture a Bregovic and Kusturica-type of setting, with over 2500 musiciens. You will be staying with locals, starting 40chf. The meal is simple (for 4-10chf): rostilj (barbecue), cooked cabbage with smoked meat, various salads and more, alongside beer, sljivovica, and an extraordinary atmosphere that will last until dawn...

Third day: Take a rest with a massage or physio at your hotel (1h for 45CHF ). In the afternoon, have a meal on a boat ride along the Sava and Danube ( approx 50fr per person for the boat and lunch). In the evening, supper with live music at Zemun, ancient very small area on the Danube ( approx 40chf pp ).

Fourth day: Departure for Spa ( 900m altitude, 40km from Belgrade) in a splendid natural setting, enjoy a massage in thermal healing waters . Lunch. (about 100 chf per person). Evening meal in the quarter of Skardalia, the old town with dozens of restaurants and typical slavic orchestras (40 chf P.P. ). To the end the night, you will find taverns with live entertainment. Slavic women are gorgeous! (A drink costs about 10chf, and more if the feeling is mutual.)

Fifth day: Massage or beauty treatment. Departure from the hotel laround noon.

Other advantageous opportuitie Quotation dentist scaling and filling (40 to 100 chf). Ceramic crowns (from 400sfr ). Aesthetic corrections ... Glasses made in two days(100 to 250 chf). Excellent specialists!
Prices are indicative, they depend on the choice of your hotel and restaurants. The program can be modified according to your wishes.
Cost for the 5 days: luxury, about 1400 chf, all inclusive. (except the plane ticke). Stay for 3 days in 2 * - 3* : 500 chf , all included.

Contact us at to sign up or obtain more information.
Do not hesitate to further contact Svetlana herself at +41 79 653-8667