Musicians for Events

If you wish to organize Tcherga-style parties at your residence, at concert halls or other places, with musicians from the Balkans or Slavic influences, with catering and more, here is a list of our proposed services:


The ALIS BAND has existed for three years and holds at its core – Predrag Stevanovic - Pedja (piano player) and Alis Dunica (singer). They have been performing together in Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Montenegro and many cities within their country. They have also recorded a CD "From dusk till dawn" with 17 songs on it. Besides Serbian pop, ethno and gypsy they also play foreign music – English, Spanish, Fado, etc.

La Luna band

The band La Luna

The band La Luna exists since 1995, as a trio (violin, accordion / balalaika and guitar), or with and added bass guitar and drums. All members sing (male and female leads, with the support of three back ups). The repertoire consists of domestic and foreign evergreen music, pop, Latin, rock, jazz, greek, Russian and balkan Gypsy music.


ROMANO TON, an authentic gypsy band: the deep, virtuoso voice and accordion of Gipsy Rade are complimented by true gipsies such as Elvis, Esma Redjepova's son, Mondi, Leo, Joca, and more. Two guitars, a violin, piano, percussions, interpreting all of the gypsy music from the East and the Balkans.


Guitar and balalaika Slavic voice, captivating for a great escape! Gypsy music, Latin Slavic, Balkan and the world !!!


RINO Band and its famous singer Gordana Lazarevic, aka Goca, with her twenty years of stage experience. She was part of several famous bands in Serbia and has sung all over the world. She performed in Switzerland on several occasions, at Tcherga, at the Oriental Flamenco festival, the Swiss Gypsy Festival in 2005, as well as at Paleo Festival in 2006. She has a few albums recorded, on top of her extensive repertoire that spans from gypsy music from the Balkans, from Russian, ethnic and pop Serbian music, to Macedonian, Spanish and English music. She is typically supported by guitar or accordion players.
You tube -Madame Piano i Gordana Lazarevic


ROMANO ILO: Joca, the autodidactic guitar player and singer, with his absolute ear is one of the most gifted of gypsies. He has performed all over Serbia with many bands and been on several recorded albums. He has been a regular act at Tcherga and lives in Lausanne where he has founded his own band with two guitars, a singer and at times an accordion or double bass.


PACA, the Bosnian guitarist and singer that impersonates all of the Sevdah charms. He is supported by Dragan's excellent accordion skills, Jela the violinist and "white gypsy" singer Tanja. An enchanting trip into world music.


AMNESIA MEMOR, a magnificent band from Geneva. Violin, accordion, guitar and basse, support Katy's divine voice for Gypsy world music.


AMARO DEL was founded in 1988 in Belgrade. They play gypsy music from a wide variety of countries, ranging from Hungary, Russia, Romania, Poland to France, Moldavia, India, Azerbaidjan and ex-Yugoslavia. They are dressed in authentic gypsy dress. To this day, they have been hosted on various television shows, concerts and festivals. Milena, their double bass player and singer, harmonizes Branko's exceptional raspy voice to perfection. They are supported by excellent guitarists Marko and Darko.


DANCERS: one or more beautiful women in authentic folk dress to accompany the band and incite you to join them on an extraordinary journey through the rhythms of this music of your dreams.


EJA BAND: Arsa, renowned guitarist and singer, has also been a member of several big bands across the Balkans, covering a considerable repertoire. He is most often working with Sanja, the singer of Odjila Band, most acclaimed by fellow exceptional musicians of music of the East and the Balkans.


Kosava, typical group of Belgrade: Slavic voice and virtuoso accordionist Goran Bane is accompanied by violinist and renowned musicians the guitars, below, clarinet, saxofon, ext piano to interpret the music of ethno vile and gypsy East and the Balkans.

Dorin violoniste

Dorin - Violin virtuose from Romania, with incredible classical training, for all Eastern and world music.

For bigger parties or festivals, the following world renowned bands are also available for hire:

The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra

The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra was founded in 2001. and it's the unique representative of this musical form in the country. There are eight excellent musicians and foreign dancers and enthusiasts who now are a vital part of musical and dance spectacles with “The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra.”.

Group fanfare Danijela

Orchestra Danijela has won many important awards and recognition in the world of trumpet competitions, which makes it the best young brass orchestra. All members of the orchestra are musically educated, which also enhances the quality of their music. They played at prestigious festivals and events throughout the world, but also brought some joy to many audiences. As is well known in Serbia, there is no good celebration without a trumpet orchestra. The repertoire spans across new and old Serbian traditional music, to modern and foreign songs, emphasizing the music from the Balkans, as well as Roma gypsy music. Orchestra “Danijela” is also the first official orchestra in this region lead by a lady, and that makes it very special.

Boban Markovic

Guca is a small town in central Serbia with only 3,000 inhabitants. The town has been organizing the most important brass band competition in Former Yugoslavia there every year since 1961– a festival noted to now attract fierce competitions among both the players and audiences of up to 600,000 people. There isn’t bigger satisfaction for a Serbian player than to become the “first trumpet” of the Guca festival. Boban started to take part in the Guca competition in 1984, succeeding in winning the “first trumpet” in 1988, and has gone on to win 5 more times until his last participation in 2001. In 1995 Boban received the “Trumpet Maestro Prize”, the most valuable recognition that a brass musician can aim for in the Balkans and in 2006 he was nominated “Ambassador of the Guca Competition,” becoming one of the most important personalities in Balkan brass band music. Boban Markovic has earned a great reputation not only in Serbia, but around the world.
The many times awarded film director Emir Kusturica, and the most famous Balkan composer Goran Bregovic, invited him to record the music for the soundtrack of the movies “Underground” and “Arizona Dream.” One of the most important awards for him is that famous british SongLines magazine listed him as the only trumpet player on their list 50 All time best instrumentalist in the world.
Boban and his Orchestra have won all of the most prestigious accolades available to players in Serbia: ‘Trumpet Maestro’ (2 times), ‘Golden Trumpet’, ‘First Trumpet’, ‘The Best Orchestra’, ‘ The Best Concert’. Most of the members have been presented at the renowned “Dragacevski Sabor” in Guca. The band has already performed in a host of countries around the world; over the last 7 years, they have given more than 600 concerts.


KAL is an urban group stemming from a Belgrade suburb. Their style was coined as Rock'n'Roma by experts in the West, and it remains the best way to describe their music. Since the beginning of their career in 2006, they have executed over 600 concerts to this day, regionally and worldwide. They have been invited to participate in the most renowned festivals globally, which has allowed them to establish their international success. It's enough to mention that they have performed at Roskilda in Denmark, Berlin's Fuzion Festival, Sziget in Budapest, as well as their own Exit Festival in Novi Sad. The group is composed of:
- Dragan Ristic (lead vocal and guitare)
- Dušan Gnjidić (drums)
- Marko Ćurčić (bass)
- Aleksandar Dimitrijević (accordion)
- Milorad Jevremović (vocal and violin)
- Sanja Polimac (Back-up vocals)

Bina Jang illusionniste

Artist world of dreams and visual savon.Spectacle 10-30 minutes with soap bubbles colored shapes incredible accompanied by music. From family Jang-Written records in the record book Guineess they his known and unique. youtube: Bina Jang'' The dream of the bubbles''


THE BELGRADE BUTTERFLIES: Individual or groups of musicians of Slavic and Balkan music. They are a connection of musicians that has experience performing together or apart in multiple kinds of compositions. They live with and for the music. The musicians below allow you to pick and choose the instruments and types of voices you like most for your events.

DRASKO, it is difficult to tell whether he is a better guitarist or singer. With 30 years of experience around the world, he plays and sings the sounds of the former Yugoslavia.
RACA, the man, the guitar, the balalaïka and the voice of Belgrade. His experience and passion are transparent through his performance of Gypsy, Russian and Serbian music.
SALE, the charismatic, singer and guitarist, who will most definitely draw you in.
SINISA, violinist of the grand orchestra of RTV Novi Sad. Simply a virtuoso!
ZAN, guitar prodigy, who sings flamenco as well as gypsy music from the East.
ALEKSANDAR, ACA , Grand Prix from Saxophone at the world championship in Brittany in 2002. His clarinet and saxophone skills are world renowned, an incredible talented musician that feeds on 30+ years of experience.
TOMA, the softly voiced accordeon player. He presents the older generation's charm that will instantly provoke happiness in your heart.


GORI GORI, violin, guitar and accordion perform the suave sounds of Gypsy and Russian traditional music. Geneva's most authentic band.

Tcherga DJs

Tcherga DJs - Gypsy music for your parties on a budget.

"Tcherga is proud to have been able to meet and host so many of the Gypsy music's very Best"

Saban Bajramovic, Liljana Butler, and Luis, who are tragically no longer with us, and further, Esma Redjepova, Usnija Redjepova, Mostar Sevdah, Goran Bregovic, Kusturica and his No Smoking Orchestra.. We are also able to book these latter legends for bigger events or concerts at your demand.