Ethno tourism

Discover Serbia, the country where tourism starts at its villages. Return to nature, a simpler life and healthy food. Experience a simplicity that will bring you harmony and serenity. The ethno-villages are numerous and divers. They do all however mediate in their own magical ways, between the needs of modern man and the beauty of traditions, between the sensitivities of current generations and the nostalgia of times past.
Here are descriptions of a few regions...


GUCA, is famous in Serbia and across the world for its trumpet festival, that thousands of visitors attend every year. The village is situated at 328m of altitude and is constituted of 1800 inhabitants. During the festival peak week, there are up to 950 000 people there! One of a kind!

Unique !

Mokra Gora - Drvengrad

MOKRA GORA- DRVENGRAD was built by cinematographer Emir Kusturica. It is located on the Mecavnik hill, between the natural reserve of Tara and the Zlatibor ski resort.


VUKOV TRSIC- 10 km outside of the town of Loznica, one can find the native village of Vuk Karadzic, renowned writer and reformer of the Serbian language. This site is famous for its typical 19th Century architectural patrimony.


TRONOSKI VAJATI I MANASTIR- In the same region around Loznica, the monastery known as Tronoski Vajati was founded in 1317. It remains as one of the oldest testimonies of the Christian Orthodox tradition. As a pilgrimage and meditation destination, it is ideal for long and peaceful walks around the lands.


TERZICA AVLIJA- the village voted most beautiful in 2007 and 2008. In the vicinity of the town of Uzice and of the Mokre Gore village, it is very renowned for its specialty dairy products (i.e. the Kajmak cheese), its smoked meats, as well as its artisan pottery. It is also a beautiful hiking and biking area.


VRHPOLJE- a village located on the wild and intrepid shores of the Drina river, it is made up of very old little wooden houses- vajati. Its climate is celebrated for an unusually comforting atmosphere. Activities consist of fishing, rafting and hiking.


KLJUC RAJA - The key to paradise (literally its name)! A very small village near the thermal baths of Banja Vrujci and the Divcibare. Long hikes will take you through the fascinating discovery of the medicinal herbs of the region.


ZELENI CARDACI- At 1000m of altitude, on the Tara mountain, in the middle of fir trees, you will discover an air so pure. This is an ideal place to relax, take beautiful strolls through the mountain lakes, and experience the traditional and organic Serbian cuisine.

If this sort of travel interests you, I would gladly offer you some propositions. It is also possible to mix etno-tourism with beauty packages, Belgrade nightlife trips, Guca, etc.
Spending the night at these villages will cost about 20€. The regional excursions with half board, vary from 30 to 60€ per person per day. It is possible to combine these village excursions with different trips in Serbia.